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Skirt Steak rolled w Mushrooms and Ginger

No picture tonight, but then this is more of a note-to-self since I was surprised by how much I liked this spontaneous concoction tonight. Skirt steak (just under 1 lb)1 tbsp butter1 yellow onionLarge handful mixed mushrooms1 tbsp fresh, finely minced gingerfresh flat-leaf parsley, finely choppedapple cider vinegarolive oilsalt and pepper Peel your onion, cut… Continue reading

Campanelle with Rabe and Fennel Sausage

Tonight we whipped together a relatively quick meal inspired by David Tanis’ marvelous cookbook A Platter of Figs, which I’ve raved about previously. In his “winter” menu, he bakes orecchiette with broccoli rabe (rapini) and homemade fennel sausage, and below is our spin. We’ve followed a number of his methods, with the largest differences being… Continue reading

Too many photo sites? + recipe links 10-23-08

Foodgawker, TasteSpotting, and Photograzing (Serious Eats) — three food photo sites that people flock to. They are similar, and you often see the same pictures across all three. These sites are a fun place to discover interesting posts and drool on your keyboard (careful with that). With the right photo, they can also be great… Continue reading

Doubled Braised Pork Chili

I love chili, and this one is one of my best. I jokingly called it “double braised chili” because the pork shoulder is braised the night before, and then stewed in the chili the next day. I have also made the braise several nights before, served it as one meal, and saved the majority of… Continue reading

Congrats Foodbuzz!

We have enjoyed participating in the Foodbuzz community, and we’ve met some great people doing so. Congrats on your launch Foodbuzz crew! We were very sorry to miss meeting Ryan, Devon and others at the dinner here in New York last weekend, but hope everyone had a good time (we had a previous engagement). Foodbuzz… Continue reading

Low and Slow roundup

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Low and Slow blog event. As noted in the original post, we purposefully let the definition of “low and slow” remain broad, just asking that each submission be “a dish that requires long cooking (at least an hour) at relatively low temperatures where flavors mix together… Continue reading

Drying Chilis

I have not tried canning yet, but my nod towards lengthening the “local” season consisted of drying my own chilis. I had some poblano peppers (which are renamed ancho chilis), cayenne peppers, and small, red hot peppers. To dry them, heat oven to 170F. Place the peppers on a stone or tray in the oven…. Continue reading

Images of Fall

Indian corn and emptying fields Golden canopies and a still-warm sun The mountain palette, procrastinating the grey The last bounties, a final discovery Merry days, and continual thanksgiving Revel in the reminder of seasons I’ll look forward to long days once again Ah, it was nice to be a locavore while it lasted… just a… Continue reading