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Random Thoughts and Recipe Links 5-14-09

Random Thoughts I learned from Bron Marshall that floury potatoes are what New Zealanders call non-waxy baking potatoes.  But I think it is much more fun to imagine little gnocchis growing in the ground. I was able to attend the Foodbuzz 1 millionth post party in New York the other day, and it was a… Continue reading

Chicken, Ramp and Hot Paprika Skewers

If you are like me, and have used your ramp whites for pickling, then you have a whole bunch of delicious ramp greens to use before too much time passes.  Here is a really simple thing to try that got a great response from Lisl: Chicken, Ramp and Hot Paprika Skewers Chicken breasts Ramp greens… Continue reading

Weekend Tinkering: Lime Pickle; Slow Baked Pork

Rainy weekends call for tinkering in the kitchen. Tinkering, however, runs smack up against one of the hidden catches to having children.  They never tell you this beforehand, for fear of putting you off.  It belies description, this 10th circle of hell, this other-worldly zone of chaos, sugar, and tears.  See, just a few words… Continue reading