Weekend Pictures


Rose prosecco is pretty and refreshing when very cold.  Unfortunately, it does start to taste an awful lot like bubble gum as it reaches room temperature!


There is something about warm weather that makes us crave raw food.  My taste buds have also been clamoring for simple sides like sliced cucumber, greek yogurt, and chopped oregano tossed together.


I have discovered that while cooking is a hard task for our 4 year old to help me with, given the sharp knives and hot pans, baking is something that is not beyond her reach.  So all of a sudden I find myself baking.  Last Sunday, we made the raspberry buttermilk cake Smitten Kitchen recently posted, and it was delicious.

Well, okay, actually munchkin and I started the cake, then realized that we had no eggs, started driving to the store and got a flat tire. This happened right next to an angus beef farm, and it was a toss-up which was more exciting: cows or daddy “fixing” the broken car (I did not disclose that I know as much about cars as I do particle accelerators or cricket rules, i.e. very little).  As I took the car in to buy a new tire, Lisl finished the cake.  Thankfully eating this cake was a lot less dramatic, and a lot more enjoyable!

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  1. If that’s not a summer line up I’m not sure what is. Still mulling over the idea of wine that tastes like bubble gum, however. Hahahahaha! The cake sounds fabulous — saw it in the front of one of the food mags earlier this summer, and wow, it’s been popular. Would love to try it.

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