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Random Thoughts and Recipe Links 5-14-09

Random Thoughts I learned from Bron Marshall that floury potatoes are what New Zealanders call non-waxy baking potatoes.  But I think it is much more fun to imagine little gnocchis growing in the ground. I was able to attend the Foodbuzz 1 millionth post party in New York the other day, and it was a… Continue reading

Hopkinson, Cookstr, and Recipe Links

It is time for another installment of musings and recipe links. Hopkinson and “mindless innovation”My brain hit pause-and-spin when I read in NYTimes’ piece on Simon Hopkinson: “he is driven nearly mad by carelessly peeled potatoes, badly washed lettuce and what he views as mindless innovation. ‘Why on earth would anyone put cumin in mint… Continue reading

Too many photo sites? + recipe links 10-23-08

Foodgawker, TasteSpotting, and Photograzing (Serious Eats) — three food photo sites that people flock to. They are similar, and you often see the same pictures across all three. These sites are a fun place to discover interesting posts and drool on your keyboard (careful with that). With the right photo, they can also be great… Continue reading

Recipe Links 9-15-08; Rum & Poached Peach

Boy, between Texas flooding, Wall Street collapsing, the heated election and Tina Fey bringing me to tears (of laughter), it is hard to think about food in the evenings, but nevertheless, we sally on! Lisl has been dragged to Switzerland for work this week, which either means that I’m going to be doing crazy experimentation… Continue reading

On Elizabeth David; Recipe Links 8-30-08

Last Sunday and today, I’ve enjoyed flipping through classic old Elizabeth David cookbooks over a cup of tea. She brought French and Mediterranean cooking to the Brits after World War II and has a wonderful, informal style (albeit a bit parsimonious with her words when describing recipes). She had a delightful habit of mercilessly chiding… Continue reading

Recipe Links 8-21-08

We started this blog a couple of months ago originally as personal space to store, tag, and share recipes with friends. It is one reason why we have no official first post, just entries like “Grandma’s Oyster Stew” and “Mom’s Meatloaf” where I ported recipes over from my old personal website. Every week since then,… Continue reading

Mags to Blogs + Recipe Links

There was a time when I hit the magazine racks once a month to choose a magazine out of the Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine selection. I never knew which title I would want each month. I bought them for inspiration and the fabulous photography (who doesn’t love some good food pr0n?)…. Continue reading

On Joining the Foodiesphere; Recipe Links

I’ve been actively involved in the social media / virtual worlds blogosphere for a number of years for work, but am a total noobie to the foodiesphere. I have to say that it has been a joy to explore and join. There are some wonderful people out there, not just in terms of the quality… Continue reading