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Thanksgiving Pt 1: Crostinis

Olive Tapenade At many dinner parties, I’ve found that guests hit a dangerous period before you are ready to serve, where they are hungry enough to down all the cheese and crackers you can throw at them and in doing so throw off their appetite. For Thanksgiving dinner this year, I decided to offer a… Continue reading

Shrimp and Bacon Tortilla Rolls

Tonight I decided to try an experiment of stuffed shrimp, bacon and cheese tortilla rolls. The following amounts made about 12 rolls. 40 medium-sized shrimp (cleaned and de-veined)6 strips of thickly cut bacon2 shallotstwo handfuls of fresh cilantro1/3 pound of monterey jack or cheddar cheese2 limesBlack pepper12 flour tortillas (6″ in diameter)Canola OilWooden toothpicks 1…. Continue reading