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Forage & Feast, the sequel

It’s ramp season here in New York, and with that comes Forage and Feast led by Jonathan of Lab 24/7 and Marc of No Recipes (here’s my post from last year’s event). I had been looking forward to this for weeks.  Nothing beats tromping around outside with a bunch of fun people and digging your… Continue reading

Breakfast Pancakes

I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to make fresh pancakes and struggled to remember the ingredient ratios. So here is the mix I like to use, which is adapted from Joy of Cooking but with much less sugar: Mix in one bowl 1.5 cups all purpose flour 1 tbsp sugar 1.5… Continue reading

Out to Lunch

By “out to lunch”, I mean that work has been an all-day, all-night thing lately, so while I have been making some time to cook with the family, the closest thing I’ve come to a food blog in the last two weeks has been reading David Lebovitz’s absolutely delightful The Sweet Life in Paris on… Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Recipe Links 5-14-09

Random Thoughts I learned from Bron Marshall that floury potatoes are what New Zealanders call non-waxy baking potatoes.  But I think it is much more fun to imagine little gnocchis growing in the ground. I was able to attend the Foodbuzz 1 millionth post party in New York the other day, and it was a… Continue reading

Ruhlman Rebuttal

I like Michael Ruhlman. Hell, I recently bought two of his books.  However, I struggled with a recent Ruhlman blog post on the subject of food writing, and the applause in the comments. I am going to bypass the truisms (work hard, learn to write well, write often, write for an audience beyond yourself, don’t… Continue reading

Pork Pie, Bloggers, and Fritters

Claire, author of the Colloquial Cooking blog, invited a few of us over to dinner the other night to try out her pork pie stuffed with berkshire pork shoulder and ham and made with a lard crust. Pork? Pie? Now those are two of my favorite words! I’m looking forward to her posting the recipe… Continue reading

Snowfall meals

Just after the snowfall Theoretically, there are about 7 weeks to go before munchkin No. 2 arrives. Our lives are definitely consumed between work and preparations for that event, but we are getting some enjoyable cooking time in, just not the kind of creative cooking that might lead me to blog frequently. I had an… Continue reading