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Review: Artisan Bread in 5 Min a Day

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois, came out about a year ago and positive reviews have been percolating around the blogosphere for some time. Recently, I decided to pick up the book and try my hand. First of all, other than making pate brisee for savory pastry dishes,… Continue reading

A Winter Menu: Braised and Seared Pork Shoulder

Picture a room with a roaring fireplace, the clink of silverware and careful placement of a wine glass, and the low murmuring of well-dressed guests enjoying their food to the detriment of general conversation. Now make the room smaller. No, even smaller – don’t worry, I won’t be offended. Take away the fireplace (I wish!),… Continue reading

Baked Halibut

I was mentally preparing to braise a pork shoulder today when I happened upon Kalofagas this morning. One look at Peter’s grouper baked in parchment paper, and my brain said, “now this is what you want!” Lisl and I are both suffering from colds, and the light taste of Mediterranean summer just seemed perfect. Indeed,… Continue reading

Snowfall meals

Just after the snowfall Theoretically, there are about 7 weeks to go before munchkin No. 2 arrives. Our lives are definitely consumed between work and preparations for that event, but we are getting some enjoyable cooking time in, just not the kind of creative cooking that might lead me to blog frequently. I had an… Continue reading

Chili on a Snow Day; revisiting recipes

Something about the quiet hush of snowfall transforms the external world into an ethereal alternative universe, and makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book. Or in my case, make a big pot of chili. Lately, I’ve been revisiting old favorite recipes and I thought I would post a medley… Continue reading

And into 2009 we go; some 2008 favorites

I hope everyone has had a wonderful turn into the new year. We’re holed up in the Catskill mountains, surrounded by snow and enjoying some time in the kitchen. The last few days have been very blogger-inspired, with a chocolate and whisky cake from Orangette, an artichoke pie from Kalofagas, and an olive and ham… Continue reading