On Joining the Foodiesphere; Recipe Links

I’ve been actively involved in the social media / virtual worlds blogosphere for a number of years for work, but am a total noobie to the foodiesphere. I have to say that it has been a joy to explore and join. There are some wonderful people out there, not just in terms of the quality of their food, photographs and culinary ideas, but also in terms of friendly, community spirit.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a lot of folks in the foodiesphere who are really into baking, and even more into desserts (which I almost never make, but they do make for awfully nice food photos).

Part of my exploration consists of working my way through various blogrolls, and accordingly a whole new “food” category has been growing in my RSS reader. I have also enjoyed discovering foodbuzz.com, and have slowly been getting the hang of it. My interactions with the FoodBuzz staff have been very positive — they seem to truly care about building the community, which strengthened my desire to participate more actively.

As I run into great recipes from other foodies, I am going to save links here so that I can find and try them in future:

4 thoughts on “On Joining the Foodiesphere; Recipe Links”

  1. Thanks for including my recipe. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you try it out!

  2. If you are serious about baking, I would recommend two books, get Bernard Clayton’s Complete Book of Breads and Complete Book of Pastry. Then if you find you are really into baking, try Bo Friberg’s books. Fantastic but daunting if you don’t have any experience.

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