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There was a time when I hit the magazine racks once a month to choose a magazine out of the Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine selection. I never knew which title I would want each month. I bought them for inspiration and the fabulous photography (who doesn’t love some good food pr0n?). But I have to admit, I’m wondering why I would spend the money on magazines at all when I can barely keep up with excellent posts from food bloggers.

There are so many blogs where the photographs are great, the culinary ideas delicious, and the writing down to earth. Not to mention that in the foodiesphere, it is participatory, i.e. you can have a conversation or send someone a smile through comments, email, or a vote on sites like Foodbuzz. I admit that we currently have subscriptions to Food & Wine (which used to be my least favorite, but may actually now be my most favorite) and Gourmet, but I have to wonder for how long. How do those magazines raise the bar to compete?

I now have 55 food blogs in my RSS feeder (luckily food blogs are much easier to scan and follow than other blog categories), and it continues to grow. Here are a few links to recipes over the last week or so that I want to try (in no particular order):

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  1. I know what you mean about not needing cooking magazines anymore. I used to be a magazine addict. I had piles of them and would never get thru them, now whatever I need is on the internet or via a blog (recipe). I don't get Bon Appetit anymore because they changed their format and font is too small. I hate Cooks Illustrated, too basic. I get only 1 mag now, Food & Wine, it is consistently good! Thanks Giff for another great post.

  2. I completely agree. Not to mention you know they’re tried and tested by real people in realistic kitchens!

  3. I get so many different trade journals, everything from Market Watch, Hotel F&B to the Grand Hotel Pupp Journal, though this last one is just for fun, that I spend more time reading than cooking or baking. At least it feels like that.

    However, foodbuzz has sucked me in. Oh wally, wally, wally.

  4. I agree. I love looking at blogs, and pictures of food – good ones – make me want to create the dish. I love blogging.

  5. I agree. I love looking at blogs, and pictures of food – good ones – make me want to create the dish. I love blogging.

  6. it's funny reeni – saveur used to be my favorite but it seems to me that they've evolved into a travel magazine. I've heard a number of people say that they've lost their enjoyment of Gourmet as they've gone more exotic and complicated. I used to dislike Food & Wine (it struck me as *only* about shortcuts for a while) but I feel that the mag has really improved and gotten more creative and interesting.

  7. So interesting!

    Bon Appetit isn’t inspiring anymore – boring recipes. Food and Wine is OK and Gourmet is hit and miss. Recently there have been some excellent articles, but some month’s I’m left with the feeling that I want my $2 back.

    But don’t give up on Savour. There is not ONE other food magazine and hardly any food blogs out there (in my opinion) that is like Savour. Reading Savour gives me the chills. It is what I wish my blog could be like – but then I’d need millions to be able to travel the globe like they can! They are informative, intellectual and creative. If you are into the authentic and traditional as well as food culture you’ll LOVE Savour. I’m so glad they are still around and I hope they always will be!

  8. re: saveur, chalk it up to my frustration seeing recipes with all these unusual ingredients that are a serious pain to get!

    But I agree with you it can be a wonderful read.

    There’s an interesting travel and food blog that I discovered several weeks back called Rambling Spoon:

  9. i can’t put saveur down, ever.

    yes, it can use some hard-to-find ingredients, but it’s introduced me to some of the most amazing foods i’ve ever tasted, like my absolute favorite tea, Uji Gyokuro.

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