Pictures from Late Summer

It is hard to believe that over two months have passed since I’ve posted.  I have not had time to post here or read so many of my favorite food blogs, and I’m hoping to change that soon.  In the meantime, we are still here, doing well, and missing you all.  Here are a few pics from late summer.  The produce at our favorite farm was much weaker than last year with the awful weather, but we did enjoy some goodies while the season lasted.

Now we’re entering my favorite time of year when I get back to braises and gratins. Oh wait, that’s right, I do that all year round!  I recently made another version of peasant bean stew with leftover braised pork shoulder, andouille sausage, onions, carrots, parsley, and vallarta beans — it was fabulous.


baby bartlett pears


baby fennel


these orange cherry tomatoes were the star of the season; I found the confetti peppers very bright and pretty, but tasteless compared to their larger cousins


brussel sprouts


peppers at market

8 thoughts on “Pictures from Late Summer”

  1. Tonight we prepared for our supper your recipe for Pork Shoulder Braise with Napa Cabbage.It was an excellent meal. The only thing we changed was to add some Bok Choy sliced as the cabbage was. It was served with sweet potatoes the baked the last hour with the Braise. Thank you very much for sharing. Yum!

  2. You’ve been missed! I imagined all kinds of horrible things so it’s a relief to hear you’re all fine, just busy. Braises – mmm, I’ve been doing a few of those too. Tiz the season, even in Tucson. It’s only 37 here at the moment.

  3. Happy Halloween. Hope you and your family have a great time. You were missed and glad to see you are posting again. Great pictures!!

  4. Welcome back. Nice photos!

    I was thinking of you recently because I have been in that autumn braising mode that everyone talks about this time of year (finally the girl who fries chicken on 90 degree days and bakes all summer and makes ice cream in the winter is in sync with the season) and realized I wanted to braise something other than a chicken – husband be damned. I was trying to decide between beef and pork shoulder, the latter would be sending me right to your blog. It means I’ll have to eat the whole thing, so the recipe I use had better be good!

  5. Oh the baby fennels are so cute. [shut up Claire]
    Giff, speaking of gratin, you have just inspired me for lunch: it will be spaghetti squash gratin. Et hop. Thank you very much for saving me from Sunday morning brain block.
    Oh, and I hope you’ll be back for good soon 🙂

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