Making great natural yogurt: EasiYo

I never liked natural yogurt until my wife Lisl took me to Greece one summer, and all of a sudden my definition of yogurt changed completely. At that point I understood why all the Aussies and Europeans complained vociferously about American yogurt.

The only comparable yogurt that we could find back here in New York was Total, but it was expensive. Then Lisl’s mother came visiting from Sydney one year and introduced us to a home yogurt system from New Zealand called EasiYo. It is finally available in America and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is really easy, delicious and cost-effective. The international website is here, and their North American distributor (“Phase One Trading Group”) is located here. (We usually get the Greek and reduced fat yogurt bases.)

P.S. we have no business connection to this brand whatsoever — we just love the product.

2 thoughts on “Making great natural yogurt: EasiYo”

  1. Giff, I hated yogurt my whole life until I found an Italian brand called SPEGA. They come in baby food jars and are only sold in ITALY, & in the U.S. Seattle, Phoenix, Oregon and California! Trader Joes' sells them, but only the west coast stores. They have fresh fig, fresh apricot and peach. AMAZING. I dream about it.

    I love the yogurt in France too. Full fat, drizzled w/ honey….so good.
    I can't swallow that Greek stuff FAGE, I mean it, it is like eating sour cream! Sorry to be so long winded about yogurt at 11 pm!

  2. I found the Fage Total yogurt to be a little too thick, but it was delicious with a good honey and some grains or berries.

    I prefer the results from EasiYo. Lisl eats it for breakfast with muesli, and we often mix it into the curries and spicy dishes we create.

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