Low and Slow roundup

low and slow graphicThank you to everyone who participated in the first Low and Slow blog event. As noted in the original post, we purposefully let the definition of “low and slow” remain broad, just asking that each submission be “a dish that requires long cooking (at least an hour) at relatively low temperatures where flavors mix together in delightful ways.

This was tough to judge, as there were many interesting submissions and different styles, but someone did have to take the cookbook prize, and that would be Kelly of Sass and Veracity. We met Kelly several months ago via Foodbuzz, and quickly became fans of her blog. Her submission was a brined pork roast, served with mushroom-sage polenta and collard greens.

Sass and Veracity

(Bee and Jai) created “tempeh chili con frijoles”, a vegan version of chili con carne. Love that photograph!

Stacey Snacks
(Stacey) made a delicious-sounding pork shoulder ragu which she served on a bed of penne pasta.

Columbus Foodie
(Becke) submitted an intriguing recipe: Transylvanian Goulash, which combines saurkraut, pork shoulder, and lots of spices.

Passionate About Baking
(Deeba) made a chicken curry with fenungreek (Methi Murgh).

Family, Friends and Food
(Patsy) braised beef short ribs with a mix of broth, tomatoes, rosemary, worcestershire, etc.

(Ivy) cooked a Greek sofrito, a veal steak slowly cooked in a white wine, garlic and herb sauce, from the Greek island of Corfu.

What Smells So Good
(Sarah) created a vegan version of pulled BBQ pork, using unripe jackfruit.

North Fork Foodie (Lisa) made a pulled pork sandwich with tangy apples and onions.

For the Love of Cooking
(Pam) dropped a link in the comments section of the original post to this wonderful recipe for a Mexican-flavored beef stew, as well as a more traditional French-style beef stew.

Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes (Priya) created a spicy baked chicken with a Tandoori flavor.

Some recipes submitted didn’t *exactly* fit the parameters, but were quite interesting:

Fun and Food Cafe
(Mansi) submitted an Indian-style Chana Masala (chickpea curry).

Dil Se
submitted a finger millet porridge (ragi koozh).

Bengali Cuisine
(Sudeshna) created a caramel pudding of bread crumbs, milk, eggs, and vanilla essence.

Finally, here is our own entry:

The Constables’ Larder
(that’s us) braised a beef brisket with sweet peppers, carnival squash, slab bacon, cumin and paprika.

Thanks again to all the participants!

10 thoughts on “Low and Slow roundup”

  1. Giff,
    This was a hard contest to judge, after seeing all the great photos of low & food entries.

    The winning dish sounds amazing.
    And your brisket is the best looking brisket I have ever seen!

    You & Lisl were missed at the foodbuzz dinner last night.

  2. Barbecued unripe jackfruit, huh? Interesting.

    Oh, too bad I missed out this round. I didn’t have a spare weekend to do our barbecue ribs. Maybe next time.

  3. Looks like you got people to cook some delicious braised foods. Yum! It was a great idea. Sorry I missed the contest but work has been a little too crazy lately. I need to get that blogging thing back under control. 🙂

    I heard you had dinner with Stacey. Wow. Isn’t food blogging great? 🙂

  4. Great idea! I must definitely be in fall comfort food mood because the Transylvanian stew (perfect for Halloween?) and French beef and noodles look delicious.

  5. This was such a surprise. I truly never win things like this and enter just for the fun of it. Lo and behold! AND, the book arrived today which is amazingly quick. The recipes look fabulous and I can’t wait to try them. As promised, I’ll be posting about this, so thanks very much for the event!

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