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Chili on a Snow Day; revisiting recipes

Something about the quiet hush of snowfall transforms the external world into an ethereal alternative universe, and makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book. Or in my case, make a big pot of chili. Lately, I’ve been revisiting old favorite recipes and I thought I would post a medley… Continue reading

And into 2009 we go; some 2008 favorites

I hope everyone has had a wonderful turn into the new year. We’re holed up in the Catskill mountains, surrounded by snow and enjoying some time in the kitchen. The last few days have been very blogger-inspired, with a chocolate and whisky cake from Orangette, an artichoke pie from Kalofagas, and an olive and ham… Continue reading

Holiday Greetings, Egg Nog, and Oyster Stew

What a magnificant time of year it is. Winter has set in like the unfurling of a crystal flower. Snow is still exciting, not troublesome, and we have not yet reached the tired, bitter bite of February and March. The house smells like a frasier fir, and the world is lit up all around by… Continue reading

Thanksgiving planning

The clock is ticking. So far here’s what we’re thinking (subject to inspiration when I get to the market tomorrow morning): Amuse: 3 crostinis: mixed sauted mushrooms; goat cheese with figs and honey; homemade hummus with slices of roasted red pepper; all on slices of Lisl’s sourdough bread Starter: butternut squash soup with leeks and… Continue reading

Congrats Foodbuzz!

We have enjoyed participating in the Foodbuzz community, and we’ve met some great people doing so. Congrats on your launch Foodbuzz crew! We were very sorry to miss meeting Ryan, Devon and others at the dinner here in New York last weekend, but hope everyone had a good time (we had a previous engagement). Foodbuzz… Continue reading

Low and Slow roundup

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Low and Slow blog event. As noted in the original post, we purposefully let the definition of “low and slow” remain broad, just asking that each submission be “a dish that requires long cooking (at least an hour) at relatively low temperatures where flavors mix together… Continue reading

Drying Chilis

I have not tried canning yet, but my nod towards lengthening the “local” season consisted of drying my own chilis. I had some poblano peppers (which are renamed ancho chilis), cayenne peppers, and small, red hot peppers. To dry them, heat oven to 170F. Place the peppers on a stone or tray in the oven…. Continue reading

O Foods roundup for Ovarian Cancer

We were sadly unable to participate in the “O” Foods blog event for Ovarian Cancer, but I did want to do a shout out to Jenn at The Left Over Queen, Michelle at Bleeding Expresso, and Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy for organizing the successful event. You can see links to participants and recipes… Continue reading

Low and Slow reminder; potting the pie

First off I want to remind folks about the Low and Slow blog event between now and October 15th. It’s all about slow cooking at low heat, and we’re giving away a choice of a braise cookbook to the winner (see post for more info). I’m greedy for more slow-cooking recipes so hoping folks have… Continue reading

Notes from the road; 24, 24, 24 links

I don’t know what it is about Wordle that satisfies my inner geek, but periodically I love popping over there, entering the blog URL, and capturing a snapshot from the main URL at the time. The above wordle is from the 24/24/24 set of posts. This has been a light blogging week since both of… Continue reading