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Thanksgiving Pt 1: Crostinis

Olive Tapenade At many dinner parties, I’ve found that guests hit a dangerous period before you are ready to serve, where they are hungry enough to down all the cheese and crackers you can throw at them and in doing so throw off their appetite. For Thanksgiving dinner this year, I decided to offer a… Continue reading

Thanksgiving planning

The clock is ticking. So far here’s what we’re thinking (subject to inspiration when I get to the market tomorrow morning): Amuse: 3 crostinis: mixed sauted mushrooms; goat cheese with figs and honey; homemade hummus with slices of roasted red pepper; all on slices of Lisl’s sourdough bread Starter: butternut squash soup with leeks and… Continue reading

Farroto with walnuts and beans

This has been a busy work week, so it is time to catch up. First off, I was glad to see the very positive reception to my note to the Foodbuzz community, calling for restraint with the “send to a friend” feature, which was leading to email overload. Second, I had a very enjoyable meetup… Continue reading

Hopkinson, Cookstr, and Recipe Links

It is time for another installment of musings and recipe links. Hopkinson and “mindless innovation”My brain hit pause-and-spin when I read in NYTimes’ piece on Simon Hopkinson: “he is driven nearly mad by carelessly peeled potatoes, badly washed lettuce and what he views as mindless innovation. ‘Why on earth would anyone put cumin in mint… Continue reading

Onion, Leek and Taleggio Tart

My cooking tends towards comfort food in general, and when I’m stuck inside on a rainy November day caught between a cold and recovery from surgery, I don’t need any additional excuses to crave comfort food. At least I was back on feet and able to tackle something in the kitchen. My latest challenge is… Continue reading

Beef Stew (our version)

I am chained to the bed today, fending off percocet-induced fuzziness after minor surgery yesterday (not to worry, I should be up again in no time). Lisl had to stay home from work to help me, and one lovely side benefit is the wonderful smell of baking bread wafting through the house. In between attempts… Continue reading