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Weekend Pictures

Rose prosecco is pretty and refreshing when very cold.  Unfortunately, it does start to taste an awful lot like bubble gum as it reaches room temperature! There is something about warm weather that makes us crave raw food.  My taste buds have also been clamoring for simple sides like sliced cucumber, greek yogurt, and chopped… Continue reading

Birthday Pavlova

Every year on my birthday, my family would have my favorite dessert, Pavlova. Inspired by the famous prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova, who toured Australia in the 1920s, this meringue, whipped cream and fruit concoction is an Australian institution. I’ve since heard that it has been also claimed by New Zealand, which Pavlova also visited on… Continue reading

Out to Lunch

By “out to lunch”, I mean that work has been an all-day, all-night thing lately, so while I have been making some time to cook with the family, the closest thing I’ve come to a food blog in the last two weeks has been reading David Lebovitz’s absolutely delightful The Sweet Life in Paris on… Continue reading