Random Thoughts and Recipe Links 5-14-09


Random Thoughts

  • I learned from Bron Marshall that floury potatoes are what New Zealanders call non-waxy baking potatoes.  But I think it is much more fun to imagine little gnocchis growing in the ground.
  • I was able to attend the Foodbuzz 1 millionth post party in New York the other day, and it was a marvelous time. It was wonderful to see Ryan(thegirl) again from Foodbuzz and meet Ben Dehan, their CEO.  I got to see friends like Stacey Snacks, Colloquial Cookin’, and No Recipes.  I got to finally meet some folks who I’ve read for a while like the wonderful Culinary Types and Red Cook, as well as Amateur Gourmet (Adam really is as genuine and nice as he appears on his blog, but then I’ve found that blogs tend to be a pretty good indicator of a person’s character). I also got to meet some new folks like Taste As You Go, Balance (who is writing a fascinating PhD studying health issues with molecular gastronomy), Culinary Wannabe, NY Crumbs, and Chez What?.  It was much fun and I wish I could have met more folks, but it got a little crowded.  I would post a picture, but the camera flash was a bit severe and, well, if I did, Stacey might never talk to me again. Thank you Foodbuzz 🙂
  • I have never cooked with lovage. I have never even seen it in a market. Sounds interesting though.
  • I learned today that the EU wants to allow wine makers to dump a bunch of red and white wine together and market it as rosé. To paraphrase Cai Palmer, the proprietor of my favorite local wine store Wine at Five, Provence rose makers have spent years trying to undo the brand damage to rose done by Sutter Home and cheap “blush” zinfindels, and now the EU wants to undo all of that and legitimize a flood of cheap junk.
  • I attempted to make ravioli last night. Trying to roll pasta made from bread flour (Hazan says use all-purpose, while Oliver votes for bread flour) with a normal rolling pin was an ugly sight (note to self for billionth time: must get pasta maker).  Still, I made an interesting discovery with the filling:  chop up and saute an onion, some ham (I used black forest), and some garlic with olive oil and a bit of vermouth.  Pulse it thoroughly in a food processor with hazelnuts, ground pepper and red pepper flakes. The taste has a definite similarity to lobster.  Lisl agreed, so I’m not completely nuts.
  • Williams Sonoma sells personal brands for searing your initials into steak.  Is that for the beef possessive, or folks who commonly misplace their steaks at family picnics?

Recipe Links
Here are a few recipes from the blogosphere that sounded really wonderful:

What’s for Lunch Honey, Caramelized Potato Leek and Brie Quiche
Food Blogga, Fruity Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
What We’re Eating, Wild Mushroom Gratin w/ Macadamia Nut-Blue Cheese Topping
Bitten, Spanish Croquettes
The Wednesday Chef, Moroccan Carrot Soup with Mussels
White on Rice, Chili Garlic Hot Sauce (ie homemade sriracha)
Zen Can Cook guest at Rasa Malaysia, Grilled Shrimp with Green Papaya Salad
Wrightfood, Clam and Pork Belly Chowder


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Recipe Links 5-14-09”

  1. – Shame on the EU…..I never liked rose much anyway……..but really people!
    – I like your mock lobster ravioli, though I haven’t seen it yet.
    – Great seeing you at the foodbuzz event the other evening!
    – I have also bookmarked food blogga’s quinoa peppers…….

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Gnocchi growing in the ground? Love that idea too. Not that gnocchi are hard to make, but it would be nice to have fresh gnocchi that easily. ;-D

    I really need to be more active with Foodbuzz. I ignore my account half hte time because it’s so overwhelming. Then I end up missing events like this.

    LOL at your steak brands from WS. I always thought those were a bit of a silly vanity item for someone who has more money than common sense.

    Easy way to make ravioli without a pasta machine – use wonton skins!!! 😀

  3. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Foodbuzz event. I hope a pasta maker comes your way soon, as they also work wonders on sugar gum paste, and with enough flour, pie dough. Your shared tidbit about the EU surprises me greatly, considering the extensive time and effort previously (and currently) put into protecting regions, flavors, etc. Tsk.

  4. Those are some great recipe links. can’t believe what the EU did. hold their feet to the fire and their head in an icebox!

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